Prompted by an ongoing need for quick turn-around times on the calibration and repair of analytical test equipment, FST established a technical laboratory in 1994. TECLab™ quickly expanded into a recognized and respected independent laboratory for product evaluations, technical studies and specialized testing.

Today, TECLab’s™  capabilities continue to expand, meeting the ever-changing needs of clients and industries. TECLab™ personnel are trained and certified by various test equipment manufacturers in accordance with their rigorous standards.

TECLab™ provides a controlled clean environment for conducting evaluations, studies and tests of products and methodologies. TECLab helps numerous customers conduct specific studies of components, evaluate new products and assess the integrity of a product to meet test criteria or gain specification acceptance.

Services include:

  • Certification to industry standards
  • Client-specific studies
  • Equipment calibration and repair services
  • High purity component verification
  • Product and methodology evaluations

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