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Consulting Project
Inspection Training Testing Documentation
Installation Drawings
Materials of Construction
Installing Contractor
Installation Procedures & Protocol
cGMP Compliance Program
Work Scope & Task
Visual Acceptance Standards
 > Materials Weld Library
 > Materials Acceptance
Testing Procedures &
Testing Criteria/Acceptance
Strategic Planning & Execution
> High Return QA/QC Activities
> Risk Assessment
> Execution Best Practices
Manpower & Equipment
Schedule & Contingency Planning
Budget & Cost Control
Safety Execution &
Supplier Material & Component Assessments
> Supplier Audits
> Source Inspections
> Pedestal Inspections
On-site Material & Component Receiving Assessments
> Prefab Inspection & Verification
> Cleanroom Certification
> Welder Qualification
> Welding/Systems Qualification
> Remediation Oversight
Field Installation Inspection
> Welding/Systems Qualification
> Borescope Inspection
> Slope Verification
> Critical Systems Validation
> Remediation Oversight
Installation Value Assessments
UHP Installation Procedures & Protocol
> Installation Contractor Personnel
> Owner Personnel
> Sustaining Operations Personnel
cGMP Compliance Program
> Installation Contractor Personnel
> Owner Personnel
> Sustaining Operations Personnel
Acceptance Testing
> Installed Process Gas & Chemical Systems
  • Pressure Decay
• Helium Leak
• Trace Gases
• Particles
• THC Analysis
> Installed Process Water Systems
  • TOC Analysis
• Resistivity
• Particles
> Non-Process Systems
Certification Testing
> Low ppb/ppt Certification of Process Bulk Gases
> Gas Chromatography
> RGD, FID, DID Analysis
Lab Analysis Interpretation
Testing Value Assessments
Troubleshooting Failed Systems
Material Control
> Source Inspections
> Material Receiving/Handling Logs
Welder Qualification Reports
Cleanroom & Operations Certification
Weld Procedure Qualification Reports & Logs
Inspection Reports & Logs
Testing Reports & Logs
Verification Logs & Reports
ISO Drawings & Weld Map Packages
cGMP Documentation, Logs, Reports
Cleaning/Passivation Documentation
Turnover Package
Electronic Information Collection, Analysis, and Dissemination
FST maintains its leading edge technical expertise in our work force by placing a strong emphasis on continuing education and training. Our internal training programs for Quality Assurance Representatives are based on the AWS QC1-96 Standard for the Certification of Welding Inspectors and ASNT-SNT-TC1A Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel with certifications in visual examination,liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and helium mass spectrometer leak testing.
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