Life Sciences

With a long-standing history in the life sciences industries, FST provides experienced, trained manpower and state-of-the art equipment to meet our customers’ quality assurance objectives. We focus on satisfying internal specifications and procedures, as well as the site-specific cGMP compliance program to meet FDA validation standards. FST applies these same standards and processes to the food and beverage industry as well.

In addition to our broad-spectrum services, our life science tailored services include (click on a header for more details):


  • Construction materials review
  • Installation drawings review
  • Installation procedures and protocols – generation or review
  • Specification review
  • Testing criteria and acceptance
  • Visual acceptance standards
  • Vendor Audits
  • ASME BPE compliance review
  • GMP compliance review

Documentation Control

  • Turn over package documentation
  • Material control – at source, on-site receiving
  • Materials documentation
  • Welding, Inspection and examination qualification documentation
  • Weld documentation
  • Testing and examination documents
  • Systems/Equipment documents
  • Reports, logs
  • Other documents as required by the end user


  • Source inspections
  • Weld inspections
  • Welder qualifications
  • Borescope inspections
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  •  Site Acceptance Tests
  • Materials inspection for metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Material supplier audits
  • Visual NDE (Non-Destructive Examinations)
  • Prefab verification
  • Remediation oversight
  • Slope verification

Project Management

  • Budget and cost control
  • Contingency planning
  • High return QA/QC activities
  • Manpower and equipment utilization
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety execution and performance
  • Schedule planning


  • cGMP compliance program
  • SNT TC-1A VT NDE inspector training and qualification