Targeting Growth through the Semiconductor and Life Sciences Market!


Our business has historically been rooted in the semiconductor industry. FST’s strong relationships and deep experience in this market ensure your business receives on-target solutions throughout the semiconductor manufacturing cycle.

FST’s experienced staff provides inspections throughout installation to ensure our customers’ internal quality requirements are being met and are in compliance with site specifications and build clean installation procedures. Once the systems are installed, we then test the system integrity to validate for safety and purity. After a facility is up and running, FST professionals can stay on to provide sustaining services necessary for the support and operation throughout the life cycle.

Our goal is to keep you in compliance every step of the way thanks to our up-to-the-minute knowledge of federal, state and local regulations, as well as applicable codes and standards. In addition, FST provides value-added assessments of both site-specific installation and critical path testing issues throughout the project.

Life Sciences

With a long-standing history in the life sciences industries, FST provides experienced, trained manpower and state-of-the art equipment to meet our customers’ quality assurance objectives. We focus on satisfying internal specifications and procedures, as well as the site-specific cGMP compliance program to meet FDA validation standards. FST applies these same standards and processes to the food and beverage industry as well.

In addition to our broad-spectrum services, our life science tailored services include (click on a header for more details):

  • Construction materials review
  • Installation drawings review
  • Installation procedures and protocols – generation or review
  • Specification review
  • Testing criteria and acceptance
  • Visual acceptance standards
  • Vendor Audits
  • ASME BPE compliance review
  • GMP compliance review
Documentation Control
  • Turn over package documentation
  • Material control – at source, on-site receiving
  • Materials documentation
  • Welding, Inspection and examination qualification documentation
  • Weld documentation
  • Testing and examination documents
  • Systems/Equipment documents
  • Reports, logs
  • Other documents as required by the end user
  • Source inspections
  • Weld inspections
  • Welder qualifications
  • Borescope inspections
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Site Acceptance Tests
  • Materials inspection for metallic and non-metallic materials
  • Material supplier audits
  • Visual NDE (Non-Destructive Examinations)
  • Prefab verification
  • Remediation oversight
  • Slope verification
Project Management
  • Budget and cost control
  • Contingency planning
  • High return QA/QC activities
  • Manpower and equipment utilization
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety execution and performance
  • Schedule planning
  • cGMP compliance program
  • SNT TC-1A VT NDE inspector training and qualification

Research & Technology Laboratories

FST prides itself on our participation in the development and sustaining of research facilities that facilitate inquiry into bioscience, chemistry, materials science and microsystems nanoscience.

We can accommodate the highest levels of research for governmental agencies, higher education and top-level research institutions. Our experience in the semiconductor business has given us the expertise to meet specifications for advanced research that is truly on the cutting edge of technology and related disciplines.

At FST, we believe the sky is the limit in terms of what can be achieved by highly specialized research. We’re excited about our role in what the future holds in terms of applications, applied knowledge and scientific breakthroughs happening on a daily basis in the research facilities we help service.

Energy & Advanced Technology Facilities

FST has leveraged its standing as a leader in the semiconductor industry into energy and advanced technologies such as solar, photovoltaic, LED and flat-panel display. Not only can we support energy technologies with the most up-to-date production and equipment, we can also help with the skilled staff augmentation resources needed in today’s fast-paced world. We have the connections, experience and expertise to fully support you in your industry-related needs.

Whether you need a single application, a complete installation or sustaining services, FST provides a broad spectrum of solutions for the entire manufacturing value chain. FST pledges to provide a safe, quality solution that meets your business’ budget and schedule. We stand ready to ensure you maximize the return on your investment in energy technology.


FST provides a wide range of automation services including basic, digital and hardware/software engineering, installations and after-sale services. We customize the package that best meets your business needs. We are committed to evaluating these needs and to providing the best solutions package for your market and project scope.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in design, I&C, integration-to-enterprise, manufacturing IT and project management. FST provides the necessary resources to ensure your automation streamlines your business, making it more efficient, productive and profitable.

In addition to our menu of services, we can also provide the staff augmentation resources to quickly and effectively implement and sustain your automation. Once we do a thorough analysis of your needs, we can provide resources for architecture, civil and process engineering, clean room technology, logistics and process control systems.

Data, IT & Telecom Centers

Data centers need to be ‘on’ 24-7 and FST is poised to ensure you have the most reliable systems in place that go beyond meeting the necessary regulations. Not only can we provide for your logistical needs, we can also put the short-term or long-term staffing in place to ensure your assets are well managed day in and day out.

Our data center support extends for the full life cycle, including construction, installation, relocation and site maintenance. Our FST staff has the understanding and expertise to execute all of your IT and telecom projects – from the most straightforward to the most innovative solutions.