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UHP Installation Procedures & Protocol

FST helps ensure that Ultra High Pressure equipment is installed and tested according to manufacturer recommended practices and certify UHP gas and liquid delivery system installations for safety and purity. FST can also commission gas systems in various bulk process gases and UPW- DI water systems.

  • Semiconductors


  • Life Sciences


  • R&D


  • Energy


  • Data Centers

    Data Centers

Acceptance and certification testing includes:

  • Acceptance of Installed UHP Process Gas/Chemical Systems
    • Pressure Decay
    • Helium Leak
    • Trace Gas (H2O & O2)
    • Particle Counts (Tot. => 0.02 and Diff. => 0.1)
    • THC Analysis
  • Acceptance/Certification of Installed UPW Process Water Systems
    • TOC Analysis
    • Resistivity
    • Particles

FST also provides UHP Installation Procedures & Protocol training for personnel such as, Installation Contractor Personnel, Owner Personnel, Sustaining Operations Personnel.