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Deeply rooted in the semiconductor industry.

Our company was founded to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry and we’ve been working with you for over 36 years. Our focus is working with manufacturing facilities across the supply chain – from owners, to general contractors, to mechanical and other sub-contractors. We have deep expertise in creating the optimal manufacturing environments for semiconductor chips with all types of end uses: computer processing, graphics, electronics, automotive sensors, appliances and more! FST’s strong relationships and experience in this market ensure your business receives on-target solutions throughout the semiconductor manufacturing cycle.

FST provides the highest quality services in the industry:

  • Inspections throughout installation
  • Analysis of customers’ internal quality and assurance that requirements are being met and are in compliance with site specifications and build clean installation procedures
  • Testing of the system integrity to validate for safety and purity post-installation
  • Providing sustaining services necessary for the support and operation throughout the life cycle
  • Providing value-added assessments of both site-specific installation and critical path testing issues throughout the project

We pride ourselves in our up-to-the-minute knowledge of federal, state and local regulations, as well as applicable codes and standards to keep you in compliance every step of the way.