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Core Values


Safety and Service are the cornerstones of our business…

From our first year technicians to the experienced leaders at FST, our core values guide us in all that we do for our customers, our suppliers and each other.

FST Core Values - Mission Critical-Mindset


In an effort to continue our growth and maintain our market relevance, we constantly look for ways to improve by encouraging the development of new ideas to provide valuable solutions.
FST Core Values - Safety


Priority #1 for all of us at FST. We promote and nurture safety culture through taking action and supporting our employees and clients.
FST Core Values - Service


FST makes intentional decisions and actions to benefit others. We go the extra mile to meet or exceed expectations. We are proud that many of our customers and team members have been with us since we started in 1984.
FST Core Values - Accountability


FST is clear, transparent and delivers on our promises, both on and off the jobsite.
FST Core Values - Collaboration


Working together towards a common goal through encouragement, mutual respect, and community engagement.
FST Core Values - Expertise


As leaders in our markets, we seek to create a culture focused on continuous improvement and learning. We train our team on the latest advances in processes, procedures, regulations and technology.